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Main comments, of what makes Villa Pefkohori a good choice for family vacations on Chalkidiki!

Villa Pefkohori guest review highlights 2016-2019: 

✓ Within walking distance (7 minutes) from the beach and center
✓ Great view from the balconies, comfortable rooms, bathrooms with amnesties, spacious outside sitting area
✓ Quiet area!
✓ The Villa is right next to Pefkohori
✓ It’s a five minutes walk from the nearest beach (see video) or five minutes by car to the sandy beaches in Paliouri
✓ You can walk to the town in the evening and have a dinner in one of the restaurants by the coast or just take a stroll
✓ The family villa on Chalkidiki, has a great view of the sea from the top balcony
✓ Villa Pefkohori is a very comfortable place (see photos) to spend your family holiday!
Balconies are cosy, and excellent for family meals
✓ The hosts, are really friendly and very responsive

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