Location of Villa Pefkochori

Kassandra of Chalkidiki

Our big vacation home for rent on Halkidiki, is found an a tranquil area, close to the village of Pefkochori. Also it is close to the finest beaches of the Kassandra peninsula, which is in the county of Chalkidiki, in Northern Greece.

Explore Chalkidiki which has extraordinary natural beauties, an symbiosis of crystal-clear waters, in addition to it vast green areas.

Here you can find Mount Athos, a mediaval monastic community, which is a World Heritage Site. Locals call it “Holy Mountain” (Agion Oros in Greek), because it is a sacred area with many monasteries, most noteworthy long historical monastic traditions, isolating it from the rest of the world.


The Village of Pefkochori

Reach the village of Pefkochori, which is approx. 110km from Thessalonica, the second largest city in Greece. Also it is just  95km from thw international airport of “Makedonia”. Our greek luxury home lies just 1 km southeast of the village center, on the main road leading to Paliouri village.

Pefkochori, meaning “pine (tree) village”,  provides a natural feeling with its lush green forests that lead all the way down to the beach-front, in addition to its exciting nightlife.

This Chalkidiki villa for rent, is situated just a stone’s-throw away from the Aegean Sea & Pefkochori’s beach, with proximity to a convenience stores, bars, and parks. You can reach the house,  by a private road, connected to the main road of Peukohori leading to Paliouri. Here you can find all necessary amenities, and just have a short walk to the local beach and convenience stores, thus this is a perfect choice for big families with children.

Village of Pefkochori

Stay in the village of Pefkochori, on the Kassandra, the “first leg” of the Peninsula of Chalkidiki in northern Greece. This area is one of the top touristic places for Greeks, as well as foreigners during summer months. It is also very popular among students and youngsters who live in the nearby city of Thessaloniki.

The village and summer resort of Pefkochori, has a well organized beach-front. Visitors enjoy a variety of restaurants, cafés, shops and beach-bars found along it. These provide visitors a variety of choices for activities day & night, consequently making it a popular destination for many young people. The village’s waterfront promenade street gets very busy in the summer months, becoming a hot-spot for leisure activities. At nights this is the center of the village’s cosmopolitan night-life.

Visitors looking for something more traditional, may choose to be by the old village square. Here one can find traditional Greek taverns, and enjoy some local Retsina wine accompanied by live Greek music.

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